Dua To Protect Family From Evil Eye

Powerful Dua To Protect Family From Evil Eye


The surroundings of an evil eye Or negative energy on the family can harm you to a great extent if not taken care of properly. This is a major problem which needs to call for a spiritual solution because it is a very dangerous power which can damage all your family and things around you.

You need to understand the depth of this problem and go for a perfect solution which can only be done with the blessings of Allah. There are certain instructions provided in this article which can provide you with accurate guidance and instruction to cope with such kinds of negative energies. Also, it is recommended for you consider all these actions and read the prayers confidently and dedicatedly.

It’s my humble request to share this article with your friends and family. The person who is thinking himself unlucky and not getting success in any work. He must have read this article completely.

What Is An Evil Eye And Symtoms Of Evil Eye 

In Islam, the concept of the evil eye is referred to as “al-ayn” (عين) or “nazar” (نظر). Evil eye is considered a form of harmful jealousy that can cause harm to the person in a various ways. 

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is reported to have spoken about the reality of the evil eye. There are certain duas mentioned in Islamic tradition to seek protection from its potential harm. All my readers and followers may recite specific verses from the Quran known as “duas” for protection against the evil eye.

Signs or Symptoms Of Evil Eye In Islam

Evil eye or nazar is a very dangerous action in Islam. If someone has an evil eye on you then you will never be successful in any work. It will destroy everything like your health, wealth, and family. Here are some symptoms of an evil eye,

  1. Physical discomfort: People may experience headaches, fatigue, or other physical ailments that are believed to be caused by the evil eye.
  2. Emotional distress: Feelings of anxiety, sadness, or unease may be attributed to the influence of the evil eye.

  3. Bad luck: Unfortunate events, accidents, or a string of negative occurrences may be seen as signs of the evil eye.

  4. Relationship issues: Problems in personal relationships or conflicts within families may be thought to result from the evil eye.

  5. Financial difficulties: Economic challenges or unexpected financial setbacks might be attributed to the evil eye.

Powerful Dua To Protect Family From Evil Eye
Powerful Dua To Protect Family From Evil Eye

These are the signs of an evil eye. If you want to remove an evil eye from you. Then you have to read this article completely. Through this article, many of our followers and readers protect themself and their family from an evil eye. 

If you want to remove Jinn from the house. Then you can read this powerful dua to remove jinn from body and house.

3 Tested Dua For Protection of Family’s Health, Wealth And Self 

What is the best dua to recite for protection against the evil eye? The best dua to recite for protection against the evil eye is the dua for protection that I have given below. If any of my brothers and sisters want to protect themself and their family from an evil eye. Then they can recite these three [3] powerful and effective that help you to overcome an evil eye. 

If you want to live your married life happily with your husband. Then you can read our powerful dua to live with your husband.

3 Dua’s for protection from evil eye and Jealousy

#Dua 1

“A’oodhu bilLaahi min ash-Shaytaan ir-Rajeem”. You have to read this dua with Surah-Al-Fatiha.

#Dua 2

“Bismillaahi arqeeka min kulli shay’in yu’dheeka, min sharri kulli nafsin aw ‘aynin haasid Allaahu yashfeek, bismillaahi arqeek”. You have to read this dua with Surah-Al-Falaq.

#Dua 3

“A’oodhu bi kalimaat Allaah al-taammah min kulli shaytaanin wa haammah wa min kulli ‘aynin laammah”. You have read this dua with Surah-Al-Nas.

These are the three duas which you can use to protect you and your family from those who wish you harm. But if you want desired results same as our followers and readers. Them you have to read this dua in a proper halal way. 

How to get rid of Buri Nazar in Islam?

If you want to get rid of buri nazar in Islam. Then you have to recite our powerful and effective above dua with the following steps. These steps help you to get proper blessings from Almighty Allah. These steps make your dua in a proper halal way and help you to get the desired results in just three days.

  • You have to take a bath and wear fresh clothes before tahajjud time,
  • Now at tahajjud time sit on your prayer mat and read Durood Sharif 7 times,
  • After this Read”A’oodhu bilLaahi min ash-Shaytaan ir-Rajeem” this dua sincerely 7 times,
  • Just after that read Durood Sharif 7 times again,
  • At last pray to Almighty Allah to remove an evil eye from you and your family.
Dua To Protect Family From Evil Eye
Dua To Protect Family From Evil Eye

Special Dua To Work Against Evil Eye

There is a very special and powerful dua which can work against the evil eye to end the drastic problem. If you’re not getting satisfactory results by yourself, then you can read ‘uzu bika-li maatillahi-ttammati min kulli shaytanin wa-haam-matin wa-min kulli aynin la-ammah for this. Powerful Wazifa To Live With Husband Apart From Parents,

This will help you to get over all the situations and conditions which you are facing in your life because of the evil energy. This is not a small case and it will not get over with 23 days of prayers. You have to get over it by praying as much as long you can. Helps For All Problem,

This is a very dangerous power which can damage anything which comes in its way. You need to be very careful and independent of the spiritual powers which are provided by Allah because confidence is the only thing which can fight against this kind of negative energy. You need to take care of yourself as well as your family so that no one can get affected by it.  Effective Dua To Get Anything In Life,

Powerful Dua For Jealousy And Evil Eye

Jealousy and evil eye combine together To form a great negative aura which is not good for anyone’s surroundings. Helpful And Powerful Wazifa For Love Marriage,

To deal with these two major problems, you need to read A’udhu bi kalimatil-lahil- tammati, min kulli shaitanin wa hammah, wa min kulli *aynin lammah in such a way that Allah gets impressed by you and shower blessings, love and support on you immediately.

As soon as you get the blessings of Allah, you will start observing the results in your life. This is also a long process which will take some time and you need to consider all the instructions which are mentioned in this article carefully so that you can get satisfactory results within time.

Apart from this, you need to work on your jealousy and negative energy which is affecting you in your daily work in this way you will be able to deal with it for a long period of time. You will learn how to cope with such kind of situations or circumstances when they come around you and tickle it with confidence and determination.

Also, you should stay away from such kinds of negative people which creates jealousy and negative energies in you. Dua To Get Back Someone In Your Life,

Strong Surah To Protect Family From Evil Eye

Which Surah is for protection from the evil eye? There is a very powerful surah which can protect your family from such kind of negative energy and you need to read Surah-iban-majah  in the same way which is mentioned below;
  1. Go for a cold shower bath then clean yourself
  2. After this, sit in a silent place and remember the name of Allah.
  3. After this a sweet dish and then close your eyes.
  4. Then, you need to read Durood sharif 64 times.
  5. Now, read surah-iban-maiah sincerely and remember the positive vibes.
  6. After this, you can ask Anna to shower blessings on you.
  7. Now go to sleep and pray for a peaceful life.

The best thing about this problem is that it gets over and stays away from you if you practice certain prayers and actions regularly in the name of Allah. The negative impact of such kind of cases is that if you do not care properly and do not keep faith in Allah, you will suffer a lot in your life ahead.  

Dua For Family Happiness 

Everyone wants to live happily with their family forever. But due to some misunderstanding and small issues, it did not happen. If you want to live with your family happily forever. Then you can recite this powerful and effective dua for family happiness with the following instructions.

These instructions help you to get proper blessings from Allah. That will help you to stay forever with your family without any issue in relations.

  • Perform Wudu: it means to clean yourself properly.
  • Durood Sharif: starting this dua by reading Durood sharif 11 times 
  • Dua: A’oodhu bi kalimaat Allaah al-taammaati
  • min sharri maa khalaq” read this dua for  11 times 
  • Durood Sharif: Just after Dua you have to read Durood Sharif again 7 times.
  • Almighty Allah: At last pray to Allah with pure heart and feeling to get your loved one back in your life.

Effective Dua To Keep Evil Eye Away

It is very necessary to keep away such negative problems in life because it destroy our life in various ways. To get this done by the blessings of Allah you need to read ‘Bismillahil-ladhi la yadurru ma’as-mihi shai’un fil-ardi wa laa fis-sama’, wa Huwas-Sami’ul- ‘Alim in a very dedicated way so that Allah can get attracted by your prayers in such a way that you will get the instant blessings, love, care, and support for the rest of your life.

This is not an easy task but you need to keep constant in doing prayers so that you can get all the blessings and get rid of such negative energies in your life which are damaging you.

Mostly people Ask This Question 

What kind of tantrums do we need to do to get rid of jealousy and evil eye?

You need to 1st come close to Allah by practicing certain prayers and actions mentioned in the holy book Quran which can give you the strength and positivity to get rid of jealousy and evil eyes for the rest of your life.

Final Words

you need to only focus on the practices which are provided in the form of instructions and guidelines in the holy book Quran. Also, it is very important for you to get close to Allah so that you can get the proper blessings and support throughout your life.

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