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Dua To Remove Jinn And Evil Eye From Your Body

If you have ever experience something bad that hurts you and your family and this is going on till now. All the things are going wrong in your life this indicate that someone has done black magic on you and you are possessed with a jinn and you want to get rid from the jinn or evil eye then you are at right place.

Today we will let you know some few ways to remove jinn or evil eye from your body and we will provide most effective dua to remove jinn from your body.

What Is Jinn And How It Can Enter In Any Human Body?

Jinn are real and spiritual creature that live in our world but they are totally different from humans with some spiritual power. A jinn can enter in any human body and causes many problems to them. How you get know about you are possessed with jinn here are some symptoms you will feel that you are possess by a jinn.

  • You will feel like someone is watching you always
  • You will hear some strange noise nobody else hearing that
  • Suddenly causes anxiety and fear
  • You will like suffocated all time
  • You will feel like someone is controlling you
  • Cause changes in your behavior

If you are experience all this symptoms in your body and someone you know that are feeling this then you and your knowing one is definitely possess by a jinn. Then you have to need dua to remove jinn you’re your body that can help you to get rid from that. This dua is very helpful and strong that help to get rid from jinn once and for all.

Here is dua to remove jinn from your body

  • Take a bath and perform ablution
  • Then read Surah Ali Imran (chapter 3) verses no. 18, 26, and 27.
  • After that read Surah Saffat (chapter 37) verse no. 1-11.
  • Read Surah Jinn (chapter 72) verse no. 1-4
  • Read Surah Kafirun (chapter 109) verse no. 1-6
  • Then do dum {blow} on the clean water and after that give this water to the person who are affected with jinn.
  • This water can drink by all family members so that they can also get protected by the jinn

If you can perform this dua in a sincere way and have believe in Allah then Allah will definitely help you in getting rid from jinn. Try to read this dua many times you can and also make sure to perform your daily prayers with this that help you feel strong. With the help of Allah you can get rid from jinn once and for all.

Dua To remove Jinn From House And Dua To Burn It

If you feel that someone is in your house and nobody can see it only you can see it and feel it then it is jinn in your house and if you want to remove it from your house then you have to perform dua to remove jinn from house.

In this firstly you have to perform the method of wudu, then you have to write Surah-Al-Rahman on the few papers according to your house corners and hang each paper on the corner of your house.

Surah Rahman is a beauty of Quran that known for its power to help and protect people. To get rid from jinn from house you have to perform dua to remove jinn from house with proper dedication. I am sure that Allah will protect you from evil eye.

Steps to perform dua to remove jinn from house

  • Start with reading Ayatul Kursi 3 times.
  • After that read Surah Falaq (chapter 113).
  • Then read Surah Nas (chapter 114).
  • At the end pray to all mighty Allah to help and protect you from the evil eye

Surah to remove jinn from body

“Allahumma inni a’uzhu bi ‘ilmika wa qudratika wa nusratika wa ‘azamataka, min shari ma khalaqa laka. Fa-ghfir li khati’ati wa kulli dhunubi, ya Erhama’r-Rrahimin. Ya Rabbal-Alamin.”

(O Allah, I seek refuge in Your Knowledge and Power and Strength and Majesty, from the evil of what You have created. Forgive my sins and transgressions, O Most Merciful of the merciful. O Lord of the Worlds.)

If you want to get rid from black magic also then you can consult us.

Frequently Ask Question

How is a jinn look like?

Jinn are a very diverse creation they can seen in any form like same as humans and in a big giant form and in any animal form but as we all know no one can identify the jinn how they all look like but they can change their body shape accordingly them self to fear you. So don’t have to fear from them believe in All Mighty Allah. They will help you from them.

How to get rid from jinn possession?

Jinn are very danger and can harm to human body which they have enter. To get rid from jinn possession you have to perform dua to get rid from jinn this dua is very helpful and strong that help you to get rid from jinn possession in only three days.

This dua help you to live free from jinn and stay happy in your life but you have perform this dua with having love and believe in Allah and InshaAllah they will protect you from evil eye.


However, if you don’t get any result after performing this dua then you have to consult with the best Islamic scholar and reader that help you in this situation and give you a better result. Help you to stay healthy and free from evil eye.

The Islamic scholar and reader help you to get rid from jinn from your body or from your house. If you don’t know any expert scholar then you can contact to molana Aktar Ali we can provide you our service in free and help you to get free from all your problems.

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