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Most Powerful Dua To Get What You Want 

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all our Islamic family. Today we share a powerful and strong dua to get what you want in your life with you this dua is very strong that helps you to get anything what you want from your life with the behalf of Allah.

Before giving you this dua I myself have perform this dua and this dua have its own miracle power that is very powerful and I himself experience this power.  

What is dua to get what you want? Today we are here to talk about the most power dua to complete your desire or your feelings. I can promise you that after reading this dua and wazifa you surely get your desire and feeling get fulfill in just three days. 

As before giving this dua I have to inform that our members that every duas and wazifa on our website are very strong and effective that can show you result in few hours. If you want more help regarding anything then consult with us. 

What is strong dua to get what you want in seconds? 

Finally, now I can discuss ‘dua to get what you want’ that I have mentioned below but before that I only want one thing from you that please read this content fully that can help you in many terms of your life.  You also read Powerful Dua To find a good husband .

Powerful Dua to get what you want  

  • First you have to do Isha salat in a separate room  
  • Then read ‘bismillah hir-rahman nirrahim’ 1000 times 
  • Then pray 2 rakat nafil, then again 1000 times read bismillah hir-rahman nirrahim  
  • Then again 2 rakat nafil, in this way you have to read it 12000 times and pray a total of 24 Rakat Nafil. 

Steps to perform dua to get what you want  

  1. You have to perform this dua in a silent room or silent surrounding  
  1. After Isha namza read bismillah hir-rahman nirrahim 1000 times 
  1. After that pray Rakat Nafil 2 times 
  1. You have to repeat this process 12 times  
  1. Insha Allah, you will get your desire in few minutes  

Now we are here to give you a most using and powerful one more dua that is  

Dua to make someone Do what you want 

  • Perform this dua after every salah 
  • Read durood sharif three times in the start and ending of the dua  
  • After that read the following verse “LA ILAHA ILLALLHA ANTA SUBHANKA INNI-KUNTOO MIN-AL-ZALAMIN” 1000 times  
  • In the end pray Allah to fulfill all your desire 

5 simple steps to perform this dua  

  1. You have to perform this dua after every salah 
  1. You have to start this dua by reading Durood Sharif three times  
  1. After this you have to read this verse “La Ilaha IllAllah Anta Subhanka Inni Kuntoo Min-al-Zalamin” 1000 times. 
  1. After that again read Durood Sharif three times  
  1. In the end now you only have to pray Allah that he can fulfill your desire  

frequently ask question

Do you use dua or wazifa to get what you want? 

Yes, I myself use this dua to get what I want. This dua so powerful and strong that helps you get your desire feeling fulfill in just one day but for that you have to perform this dua in a proper way that I have tell you in this article you have to read this article and then perform this dua. If you don’t get any result regarding anything then you can consult with a best Islamic reader and scholars that can help you in best ways. 

Has Allah ever answered your dua instantaneously? 

Yes, Allah can answer your dua Immediately but for that you have a proper love and faith in All mighty Allah this only we need that have a faith in Allah so that he can help us in every stage of our life and do proper prayer. So that he can listen us and also protect us from evils. 

What I can do to get my dua accepted? 

 To get your dua accepted you have to done everything that I have given in article you have to perform all the steps of how to perform dua so that Allah can accept your dua as soon as possible and for accepting dua you have love and faith for Allah in your heart so that your dua will be accepted as soon as possible. 


If you want something but you are always failed in getting that then this dua to get what you want is for you. This is very powerful and strong dua that make your dreams true but for that you have to perform this dua in proper ways so that you can get result in few hours and if you are not getting result then you should have to consult with us. we are a proper Islamic reader and scholar we are here only to helps our Muslim brother and sister. If you want to live happy and free then you should consult your all problems with us. 

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