Dua To Make Someone Miss You

Powerful Dua To Make Someone Miss You


When someone is not taking interest in you and they are far away from you, then you get many problems in your life. To solve this kind of issue in your life, you need to read this HASBI ALLAHU LA ILAHA ILLA HUWA/ALAIHI TAWAKKALYU WA HUWA RAB BAL’ARSHILCAZEEM.

Dua shows that would be able to convince the mind of that person in such a way that they will get back to you immediately. Apart from this, you will also be able to develop an emotional as well as mental bond with that person so that you will not get any kind of disturbance and obstacles in your relationship. This will solve all kinds of problems irrespective of the situation and circumstances.

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How Does Dua Help You To Make Someone Miss You And Its Benefits?

Is there a dua in Islam to win back someone’s love? Yes, there is a dua in Isalm to win back someone’s love is “Dua to bring someone closer to you”. This dua is taken from the holy book Quran and in Quran this dua is mentioned as dua to make your crush or love miss you. Through this dua many of my readers and followers get their love or crush love them in a proper way. Many of my sisters use this dua to make thier husband always miss them or rember them while they are at work. If you read this Dua with pure intention, then this dua will have some positive effect on you. Here are some benefits and positive effects from this dua,

  • Increased Affection: By reciting this dua can help you to strengthen the emotional bond between you and your love by creating a longing and yearning for each other’s presence. It can enhance the affection and love between you and the person you want to be missed.
  • Increase Communication: This powerful and effective dua is a a way to express your feelings and desires to be remembered and missed by the person you care about. It may favor a better understanding of each other’s feelings and desires, leading to improved communication and empathy.
  • Positive Energy: It’s essential to have pure intentions when reciting such duas. As this dua will focusing on fostering love and connection rather than manipulating feelings. Reciting such dua with sincerity can generate positive energy and intentions around you.

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How Do You Make Someone Love You And Marry You?

Is there any dua to make someone love you? Yes, there is a powerful and effective dua to make someone love you that is “dua to make someone love you and marry you“. If any of my brothers and sisters want to make their crush love them and marry them. Then they can recite this dua with pure felling and intention. Inshaallah, you will get your crush in your life. Here is dua to make your crush love you,

  • You have to take bath and wear fresh clothes before tahajjud time,
  • Now at tahajjud time sit on your prayer mat and read Durood Sharif 7 times,
  • After this Read this dua-Allahumma inna nas’aluka bi annaka tardhuy anna (insert the person’s name) ya dhil ‘uqba wa ya hawa lil jannah wa ya qarrib ‘ilaa nafsihi wa ya zawwajan ‘alaihi”sincerely for 7 times,
  • Just after that read Durood Sharif 7 times again,
  • At last pray to Almighty Allah to make your crush love you and marry you.
Dua To Make Someone Miss You
Dua To Make Someone Miss You

This dua will make someone miss you. These steps will help you to make a dua for someone you love.

Dua To Make Someone Talk To You

If you want someone to talk to you immediately without any discussion, then you have to read this prayer in a prescribed format so that you can get the benefit of it in a very short period of time and no one separates from one another.

  • Clean your face and go to a silent place in the house.
  • After this sit on a clean surface and close your eyes
  • After this read durood sharif 75 times.
  • Now read surah-Iqbal (verse 6:3) 6 times clearly.
  • Now it’s a sweet dish and goes to sleep.
Dua To Make Someone Miss You Read This Dua For 3 Days

Dua To Make Someone Remember You

It is very hard to make someone memorable in your life but if you read this surah-Yasin (verse 1:4) consecutively, then you will be able to perform such actions in your life data not easy to forget. This will also help you to boost your confidence in such a way that whenever you be around any favorite percentage.

You act accordingly and they will remember your silly mistakes and gestures. This will create a very positive environment around them that everybody likes. You don’t want them to forget you in their lifetime. It is a matter of fact that you will get the blessings of Allah in every situation and circumstance.

Dua  To Miss You And Come Back To You On One Call

No matter how bad the situation is if you read this in a prescribed within the person who is away from you, will get back to you immediately in just one call. This kind of prayer is tried and tested by so many Islamic scholars. Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Mad In Love With You

  • Search for a clean environment in your room.
  • Nava sits silently on a clean surface.
  • And read durood sharif 48 times.
  • Then read Surah Ma’idah Ayat (verse 5:2) 6 times silently.
  • After this make a blow in the air.

Ruqyha For Someone Miss You

Al waqeel we have provided you with the best prayers, which year there to make your life easy and will give you immense pleasure when measured in terms of happiness. Al mateen, you will get positive vibes whenever you read such prayers in your life. Dua For Love Between Husband And Wife,

No matter how big your problem is, you will be able to get such beautiful moment in your life that you will become very popular and happy around people you are spending time. Al haqq, we advise you to read such prayers with proper discipline so that you can get the best benefit out of it in very short period of time.Powerful Dua For Husband And Wife,

Surah And Wazifa For Someone Miss You And Come Back

This is a very powerful surah which can help you to get someone to come back to you and miss you immediately. If read properly is with certain instructions and guidelines mentioned below. You Also Read this Article Powerful Dua For Someone To Come Back To You,

  • Take a cold bath and clean yourself.
  • Now sit on a white surface and remember Allah.
  • After this read durood sharif 74 times.
  • Now read surah-Taza (verse 2::4) 6 times.
  • After this read powerful wazifa Subhanaka la ilaha illa anta’ ya rabba kulli shai in wa waris hoo wa.

Is there anyway I can convince My partner to come back?

Yes, if you pay proper attention to the likes and dislikes of your partner and express your emotions clearly in front of them, then they will come back after valuing your emotions and respecting them.  

key Point

Oh, it is not about the results but it is about the process because the prayers you are reading or so much intended to solve all kinds of your issues and problems which are causing damage to your mental as well as physical health.

We recommend you read such prayers in such a way that you will be able to increase their effectiveness in a very short period of time and get the desired results in a given time. Just try to make good discipline and devotion towards the prayers and faith in the powers of Allah. 

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